Tuesday, May 18, 2010

impromptu roadie to Wanganui, new plymouth, and Rotorua

Hey Danger do you want to go for a drive? 
Hell yeah i don't have any plans
30cd 's , 9hrs later....
 in New plymouth

LOST LOST LOST but the view is amazing
soon id found a lil abandon house with a dark history, someone had hung themselves and the house had been abandoned ever since..
rope and all, BAD BAD vibes

this is a mummified cat that i found.

and this is a bee..
and the king of the jungle..

SunSets Are amazing when you don't know where you are, and you don't know wen you will arrive.. 

as night time arrives we hit the road

With nowhere to sleep we crept into a backpackers my mate was staying in and Few drinks later we hit the road, 30km into the wild we found a the HOT and COLD river, a natural hot spring river you can swim in

me and carter enjoying a few beers in the HOT and COLD river,

later that night while buying another bottle of wine, 2  little crips robbed the supermarket we were in,
they were later cought - what they stole was two 24boxes of beer- fools!

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