Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time for an upgrade
i think
so this is my new blog where you can follow all the danger danger you know and love
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

St Patty's Revenge

Now those who aren't familiar with ST Patricks day, its an old Irish tradition, where to put it simply you pretty much spend the day getting drunk, and wearing green

and so in the name of tradition we celebrate, but we don 't wear green. no one looks good in green

it was a great night of mayhem and all round irish goodness
filled with wine, cigarets, dancing, noise control, nudity ,
smashed windows, and far to many flaming shots, also heard one of you guys punched a taxi driver....

The night starts out well, everyone sipping on wine and far too much goon,

as the night is still young
everyone's chatting and enjoying each others company, the window sills soon become the best place to enjoy a ciggy.

oh my bad, i forgot to formally introduce... 
This is the amazing Michaela, always the best fun, in her perfected style, mic is always looking so cute, i could take pics of her all day.

and this is Abby, the reigning queen of Williamson Ave,  if its a great night you know you will find abby there, swinging her hair...

soon the kids begin to get restless and start to undress each other,

while in the other room the rest of us discuss politics and world issues,

with Kenny mixing the beats the party starts to crank and everyone wants to show off there dance moves

being well above the cool requirement, kate always wins

Now we are all in the sprit of St Paddy and with the last of the drinks being drunk its time to taxi hop to the city...and let the night begin.
with tom showing his WestSide affiliations, he has defiantly been hitting it hard
and before long we are LOOSE in the city

and the perfect photo to sum up the extent of St patricks revenge
kenny trying to drink from her straw

Bj and james arrive in true toga style and evie in her irish attire 

from here on in the photos stop and so does most of our memories of the 

good night guy and until next year St patrick,
we dread your return......

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hollywood in a box, Polaroid

Walking the streets with stars under our feet,  
Hollywood is the place to be,  
we set our sights on the hollywood sign and tried to get as close as we could, so we set off into the hollywood hills.

The city that never sleeps
this is the view of hollywood from the top of the hollywood hills, 
the city of lights makes the night look like day

A Mc Griddle - take two pancakes soak them in maple syrup , place a meat paddy, two slices of cheese  bacon and egg. 
all i want is fresh fruit and vitamins 

i had to fight this guy off for the last of my Mc Griddle

Morning traffic

handfuls of fun

Jesus chilling out next to Ozzy Osborne 's star

Instillation on Rodeo Drive 

Mountain view's from the Freeway 
As the sun starts to set, we head to an amazing lil mexican place a lil way off hollywood boulevard, best mexican i've ever had, also frequent spot for adam sandler.

Stay tuned many a good night to come

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bed Time Stories

Its Wednesday night and all the kids want to play, Time to let you hair down, and put your best bedtime story costumes on, Me , well i went as The scarecrow which quickly just looked like some red neck hill billy. 
but hey i 'm still looking good tho.....good-ish 
the Parties pumping ,all the boys have rocked up and the drinks start to flow
id just like to thank REDBULL and 42bellow for hooking up all the drinks,  you guys sure know how to throw one hell of a party...
after having the bartenders line us up enough double barrel cups of jungle juice, its time for the who party to jump aboard party busses because this just turned into a good old fashioned messy az pub crawl..
as you can see a couple of double decker busses full to the roof with intoxicated bedtime story characters ensues all types of fairy tale fun to be had..
good times with the crew, 
its what Wednesdays are made of,
words have to be mentioned, that is an impressive slug, Living in the MO-ment as BJ always says
soon everyone wants swap cloths, or just take them off......... some pictures unable to be published
as the night continues these bedtime stories turn in to messy nightmares leaving a wake of broken bottles and barstools where ever the busses take us, the only thing left to do is to dance the night away and hide from the soon rising sun.......until next time

School Yard Antics

BA-BA-Back to School Yo
Corona's on ice, Disco Balls are nice

a night of nights, chilling in the back room of dans liquor shop to begin the night.
after a few beers and a few laughs, its time to head to the party -

Ky makes friends quicK

Dancing for Gold.. at the end of the rainbow

Starnes on form

the night starts to lighten up

Too the Moon...