Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bed Time Stories

Its Wednesday night and all the kids want to play, Time to let you hair down, and put your best bedtime story costumes on, Me , well i went as The scarecrow which quickly just looked like some red neck hill billy. 
but hey i 'm still looking good tho.....good-ish 
the Parties pumping ,all the boys have rocked up and the drinks start to flow
id just like to thank REDBULL and 42bellow for hooking up all the drinks,  you guys sure know how to throw one hell of a party...
after having the bartenders line us up enough double barrel cups of jungle juice, its time for the who party to jump aboard party busses because this just turned into a good old fashioned messy az pub crawl..
as you can see a couple of double decker busses full to the roof with intoxicated bedtime story characters ensues all types of fairy tale fun to be had..
good times with the crew, 
its what Wednesdays are made of,
words have to be mentioned, that is an impressive slug, Living in the MO-ment as BJ always says
soon everyone wants swap cloths, or just take them off......... some pictures unable to be published
as the night continues these bedtime stories turn in to messy nightmares leaving a wake of broken bottles and barstools where ever the busses take us, the only thing left to do is to dance the night away and hide from the soon rising sun.......until next time

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